Why “The Feisty Adélie” ?

An Adélie is a kind of penguin of course. Penguins are birds that walk on the ground, but dive deep into the ocean – thus, they are beings that integrate different realms – air, earth and water. Like the penguins, I feel that multiple perspectives gives us the best view. Also like the penguin, I aspire to bring up through churning, murky depths the best bits of truth (or fish if you’re a penguin!) I can find. The fish ain’t in the surf.

I’m particularly interested in socio-cultural-political themes such as bodily autonomy, freedom, ‘isms,’ and emerging technology and systems as manifested in current events. I’m also very interested in exploring solutions to the overwhelming problems facing humanity that are rooted in greater understanding and appreciation of nature, including ourselves and each other.

These are hard times, and to be true to myself and speak my truth, it helps to be full of spirit and determination – ie. feisty – like the Adélie.